Casino Players Tricked By Scam Artist

posted: June 04, 2023

A recent case in South Africa involved a person who scammed over 2 million Rand from players by offering them various good luck charms and spells. The accused has been identified as Nancy Shanelle Naidoo, age 34. She now faces over fifty charges of fraud after exploiting casino patrons’ superstitious beliefs to cheat them out of valuables and cash.

 Naidoo, who is widely expected to plead guilty and ask for leniency from the court, promised victims good luck by channeling the mythical African sprit known as “tokoloshe”. As payment for her ability to cast good luck on the gamblers, she demanded luxury items such as gold bracelets, watches, and perfumes from famous brands like Gucci.

The biggest victim and lost jewelry and cash that was valued at over one million Rand. All of the alleged scamming took place at at casinos in the eastern province of KwaZulu-Natal.

Many South Africans in both the cities and rural areas believe in spirits that can bring them good luck. While there’s nothing wrong with a few good luck charms or rituals, gamblers should be aware of con-artists who are looking to take advantage of them.

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