Online Gaming Struggles With Mobile Gambling

posted: June 04, 2023

According to a major survey of activity on the Internet it was revealed that 55% of people in the US used a mobile device to access the internet. Among this group, mobile was the preferred way of accessing the internet for 33% of respondents. The numbers are even higher for mobile internet penetration in European and Asian countries.

In light of the massive switch to mobile internet over desktops and laptops, most internet casinos have been playing catch up. During the period from 2000 – 2009 casinos focused exclusively on desktop  and flash based software for playing casino games. Since ’09 the major gaming software providers have been developing mobile based casino games but have yet to produce a breakthrough in the mobile gaming market with regards to both marketing and the software of casino games.

Csino’s continued reliance on flash based games has made the move to mobile hard. Most mobile devices don’t support flash because it is too resource hungry or is not compatible with the mobile operating system. The iPhone, for example doesn’t support flash at all, and whilst android devices like Nexus tablets do, the range and capacity of games is still very small compared to those available on flash or desktop based software.

Industry analysts are keeping an eye on the largest software providers such as Microgaming, PlayTech and NetEnt for a  breakthrough in games that are just as compelling on mobile as they are on the desktop. If these companies don’t take advantage of the mobile space quickly,  they will certainly have an earful to hear from their shareholders.

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