Slots Playing Tips

While Slot machines and video slots are primarily a luck based game, they are still one of the better games to play in a casino. Slots offer some of the best pay outs and odds of any game in the house and this alone makes them worthwhile to play. 

    In this article you will find
  • How to win by multitasking
  • Advantages of progressives
  • Playing max playlines

There are a few Slots tips and tricks that you can use to help maximize your winnings while playing slots. Short from getting inside the slot and adjusting the reels, you only need to follow a few short tips to help make you a more successful slot player.

Win by multitasking

We’re not talking about playing slots and browsing your favorite social networking site at the same time here. What we’re talking about is playing more than one slot at a time. In a casino you can play as many as you’d like as long as you have the cash.

Find a bunch that are unoccupied and play the 2 that are next to you. Some people go as far as to play a whole row of up to 10 slots at the same time. You will see them pacing back and forth like a robot. The movement and timing of it all is really quite impressive. Almost as if they’ve been rehearsing this move for years.

Playing online makes playing more slots even easier. You don’t to switch back and forth form slot to slot. You simply open up a few games on your computer and start clicking away.

Progressive Jackpots 

Finding a slot with a progressive jackpot is one of the best ways to get the most out of slots. These jackpots add a nice return on your money when hit, at times they can reach over $1 million. Such large jackpots are a small % of the total slots on offer, but overall its best to choose a slot that has a progressive or other form of jackpot attached. One of the most famous progressive jackpots is Major Millions offered by Microgaming casinos which regularly offers a jackpot of over $2M

Major Millions Progressive Slot

Major Millions Jackpot


Playing max coin and max paylines

If you want to win big while playing slots, you need to be playing the maximum amount of lines possible. Some slots will have as many 100 or more pay lines to play. You can play as little as 1 or all of them. It’s best to play them all as the biggest payouts come from playing all the lines.

This is also important and ties in with the jackpots. Some slots with jackpots require you to play all the lines or at max coin level in order to win this jackpot. It can be a frustrating experience to hit the magic combination and miss out some big cash only because you didn’t play all the lines or play max coins.

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